Measure UX Success

Product design teams struggle to gain user experience insights, sift through feedback, and quantify design decisions. UX Rings is the answer.


The UX Rings System

A granular at-a-glance look at where your product user experience stands in five key areas: Functional, Usable, Comfortable, Delightful and Meaningful.

Gain Useful Tips And Next Steps

UX Rings not only shows you where you stand but gives specific advice on the areas of your product’s UX to focus on to improve your scores.

Scoreboard Based on User Feedback

A high-level set of scores that rank how your experience is impacting users. Includes a simulated NPS score and letter grade for overall UX success.

Understand The Sentiment of Your Users

Use key word search and filtering to understand the trending sentiment that users have for your product and help pinpoint where and how you can make improvements to create a more meaningful experience.

Email or Embed Your Survey

Easily ask for user feedback by sending a custom survey link or by embeding one line of code in your app.