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What is UX Rings?
Software Design Directors and Product Directors use UX Rings to quantify user experience improvements in their apps and websites. UX Rings is a quality scale for your designers, a goldmine of focused customer insights.

In the Enterprise and Advising Plans, Drawbackwards partners with your team to customize your testing approach; interpret your survey data and user feedback; and then suggest strategic, tactical, and design solutions to improve results.
What is Drawbackwards?
Drawbackwards created UX Rings to fill the gap in quantifiable data to measure UX design success. Your software product experience impacts your stock price, NPS score, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. At Drawbackwards, we design business success. Drawbackwards is a UX Agency with a track record of multi-million dollar ROI through UX research, design, and testing. Drawbackwards also creates brand and storytelling experiences to complete a world-class user experience.
Can I cancel or change my at any time?
Yes, you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time. If you cancel or downgrade, you will retain the features of your current plan until the end of the billing cycle.
How do I upgrade my plan?
You can upgrade or downgrade at anytime. We use Stripe to process payments and never store payment information on our servers.
How do I send out the survey to my users?
UX Rings supports multiple methods for sharing your survey with users. You can email users a custom survey link or embed a simple JavaScript code in your web app for users to complete inline.
How do I interpret my data?
We provide general guidance based on your results in your UX Rings dashboard. For tailored advice, contact us for an advising plan that includes in-depth analysis and consultation.
Will you share my information with anyone?
Absolutely not. We keep your information secure by using industry best practices such as TLS 1.2 for transmitting data, Bcrypt for password encryption and only allow certain people access to view your information. See our privacy policy for more.
How do you secure credit card payments?
We use Stripe, an industry leader in credit card processing to securely process and store credit card information. UX Rings does not directly receive your credit card information.
Do you accept purchase orders?
We can accommodate purchase orders and will send invoices for enterprise and advising plans.
What happens if I get more survey responses in a month than my plan allows for?
We only show the most recent survey responses up to your plan’s allotted limit. To unlock the remaining survey responses, simply upgrade to the next plan. Users are always able to submit survey responses.
I'd like to talk to someone before signing up. Who can I contact?
Feel free to email us any time at

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